Hill of Slane

Slane is such an influential, important and impressive site that is surrounded in history and mythology. The hill itself is 158 meters (521 feet) high and towers above the surrounding landscape offering magnificent views of the countryside.

It is rumoured that Slane was the location of a mythical healing well which the Tuatha Dé Danann used to heal there wounds after battle.

The importance of the Hill of Slane goes way back into history back as far as the Neolithic period. In ancient mythology the King of Slane Fir Bolg was said to have been buried on the hill.

St Patrick has become associated with all things Irish from the banishing of the snakes from Ireland to the Irish shamrock. Back in ancient times he was not so welcome he was seen as a foreign Christian missionary trying to convert people away from their Celtic beliefs.  This he did with a huge symbolic fire. As the Druids celebrated their sacred day on the Hill of Tara, St Patrick lit a Fire on the Hill of Slane just before the Druids were about to light there’s. This was known as the Paschal fire he did this in direct defiance of the High King of Ireland. The Druids warned that if the fire was not put out right now it would burn in the hearts of Ireland forever and so the rest is history.

Long after St Patrick had passed the hill remained a beacon of Christian importance. St Patrick appointed Erc as the first bishop of the Hill of Slane the monastery is still on the hill today and is a Mecca for pilgrims to this day.

Geo-Coordinates:    Latitude: 53.717245     Longitude: -6.542967