Famous Towns & Villages

The historical attraction of the Boyne Valley lies not only in its monuments and structure as it is home to some of the best historical towns in Ireland. These towns offer much in the way of heritage, entertainment, accommodation, and culture as well.

Navan town is situated at the meeting of the River Boyne and the River Blackwater. It is the county town (administrative capital) of County Meath. The town started out as a motte and bailey castle from which a settlement grew around. This historical town has amazing views and scenery which should be taken in on the many walking trails in the area.

Oldcastle, established in the 18th century by the Naper family on lands formerly owned by the Plunkett family, the family of St Oliver Plunkett in fact. The town was heavily hit by the Great Famine and suffered dearly. This small town also played a crucial role in Irish Independence as it was an area full of republican support. Many megalithic tombs are found in the surrounding areas of Oldcastle.

Slane Village is most well-known for Slane Castle as yearly concerts are held here drawing big crowds and big names. The Hill of Slane is where Ireland took its first step towards Christianity as this is the site where St. Patrick set light to the first paschal fire in Ireland. In the centre of the village you’ll find fascinating architecture in the 4 Georgian houses located in the centre. The village itself is very welcoming as it offers great accommodation and pubs.

Trim is a small town that boasts more history, heritage and medieval architecture within its boundaries than some countries. The town grew from early monasteries established by St. Patrick. Visitors will find remains of the town walls, guarded entrances, steeple ruins, amongst various monuments. The main attraction here is Trim Castle whose walls have seen a vast amount of battles since its construction in 1393. It was also used in the filming of the 1995 film Braveheart.

Kells, which means ‘great residence’, is a town which is believed to have been home to High Kings of Ireland throughout pre Christian times. St Columba established a Christian settlement here in 550 AD. You’ll find a huge amount of monastic sites from the minute you arrive, including a church, graveyard, large stone crosses, a round tower, and a circular wall called a vallum. The town was used as a border town in the times of the Pale and thus saw many battles, eventually being burned down by the O’Reilly clan in 1641.